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Art Collection

Original works by French and Swiss artists from the first half of the 20th century adorn the rooms of the hotel, including oil and tempera paintings by Jean Talbot, Antonio Guansé, Edmond Céria, Henri Duhem, René Thomsen, Luis Molné, Mucci Patocchi Staglieno and many other artists, as well as the sculptures of István Béothy, Pedro Pedrazzini, Ernst Schneider, Alex Nef and Claudine Brusorio.

In the restaurant, guests will appreciate the wonderful fresco on the ceiling with its allegorical reference to wealth, which is surrounded by stuccos from the 17th century and a delightful 15th century fireplace. Alongside the imposing granite columns at the old entry to the house, a stone relief with a likeness of Nero from the 15th century takes pride of place, and is counterbalanced by the modern Pedro Pedrazzini and Istvàn Béothy bronze statue.

The garden at the front of the hotel is home to two crystalline marble sculptures by Alex Nef of the Peccia school, an Ernst Schneider work in Baveno granite entitled "The Guest" and the historic fountain which dates back to 1815. The fountain was meant to be a gift to the city, but the right location for it simply could not be found and it was returned to the current owner of the hotel in spring 2003, whereupon it was restored and now adorns the garden.

A series of over 60 historical posters from the International Film Festival in Locarno are on display over the two floors of the "Casa Luna".

No fewer than 72 photo reproductions of works by some of the great European painters who had drawn their inspiration from Ticino and in particular Locarno and its environs are at the entrance to the rooms in the "Casa Stella", while the hallways in this part of the building show photographs of historic buildings and beautiful spots in the Ticino countryside.

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